OIA has welcomed 2018 with the new collection MONEY. FEAR. HUNGER. As with previous collections, OIA is dedicated to telling a story with each release. These three powerful words exemplify what drove Kevin "Trix" Bent; owner of Only in America to create his brand.

Making MONEY was always on the top of Trix's agenda. With a strong blueprint set by his older brother, living like the average person was not up for debate. With MONEY on his mind, the FEAR of not obtaining the lifestyle he wanted often would settle in. Nevertheless, this same FEAR pushed him to go harder. 

When Trix gave birth to his vision for OIA while he was incarcerated in 2012, he had a new motivational pusher that went by the name of HUNGER. When he became aware of his purpose he became hungry for it, and has been ever since.

The MFH Collection retails from $50 to $299 USD.

The OIA MFH collection is available on Friday, January 19, 2018 at 4pm on 

Special Thanks to:

Photography: Dame Rice

Creative Director: Crystal J

Models: Kim, Ebone, Kennedy & Benny!

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